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From her early childhood, it was clear that Dolores Al Shelleh was destined to excel in the great outdoors.


Born to a  Palestinian/Jordanian Muslim father and a Serbian Orthodox mother, she grew up with first-hand knowledge of both Western and Eastern cultures – an edge that would serve her well in the years to come. Raised primarily in Amman, Jordan, Dolores spent her summers in Serbia and some time on her grandmother’s farm – running across the fields, playing with animals and fishing with friends at the riverside. Spirited and daring at heart, she developed a genuine appreciation of adventures and outdoor activities, taking up numerous hobbies, including Taekwondo, long jump, swimming, track and field and horseback riding.

Both physically- and academically-inclined, Dolores completed a one-year scholarship in the United States in 2006, where she earned an honorary diploma. Following, she returned to Jordan to continue her studies and receive a high school diploma in Information Technology in 2008. Dolores went on to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Petra in 2013.


Upon graduating, Dolores volunteered with UNRWA in its Legal and Human Resource Departments. But it wasn’t long before her love of adventure came calling. This time, Dolores set her sights on the daunting sport of mountain climbing. Defying social norms, challenging herself and stepping out of her comfort zone, she successfully summited her first mountain – Mount Mera Peak – in 2016. Overwhelmed by the weight and wonder of nature around her, the breathtaking  mountain views and the quiet serenity, Dolores had uncovered a new passion. In the years after, she went on to scale multiple world-famous mountains, breaking records and blazing trails so that youth and women – particularly in the Arab world – can follow in her footsteps.


Mountain climbing being a truly unique and exceptional experience to her it necessitated a strong mindset, an unwavering commitment and boundless ambition, these arduous – and at times life-threatening – undertakings have taught her some of the most valuable life lessons. They imparted the importance of:

  • Setting ones eyes firmly on the goal in the face of the toughest challenges;
  • Not letting fear dictate ones choices;
  • Turning pain into power through patience and gratitude; and
  • Teaming up with positive, kind-spirited and supportive people who share ones vision and encourage to reach the highest potential.

In 2018, Dolores was appointed Brand Ambassador of The Sustainable City,  in Dubai, where she currently manages Bedayat Business Incubator. A champion of women and youth empowerment, Dolores is collaborating closely with The Sustainable City to raise awareness on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – namely Climate Change, Sustainable Cities and Communities, and Gender Equality – through her mountain climbing endeavours.


A real-life example that no field, no matter how male-dominated, is off-limits, Dolores looks forward to sharing her incredible story  on breaking through glass ceilings with women and youth from around the world.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” – T.S. Eliot “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” – T.S. Eliot


In 2016, Dolores kicked off her mountain climbing journey by ascending her first-ever peak in the Himalayas. She was immediately enthralled by the magnificent beauty and natural wonders all around her. From then on, Dolores continued down this demanding, yet rewarding, path, which culminated with her making history on 23 May 2019 as the first Arab woman to scale Mount Everest from the Northeast Ridge. In doing so, she also made her mark as the first Jordanian and second Serbian woman to achieve this remarkable feat.


The Rashid School for Boys were pleased to welcome Dolores Al Shelleh. Dolores had only recently climbed to the top of the world - Mount Everest - making her the first Arab woman and first Jordanian woman to climb it from the Northeast Ridge. Dolores inspired the boys with her story and spoke with passion about following your dreams. It was a wonderful experience for all.

Rashid School for Boys, Dubai

Sponsored by The Sustainable City, Dolores hopes to inspire the young generation of Arabs to challenge themselves and rally behind noble causes that are important to the community today.

Emirates Woman

I had the pleasure of leading 2 expeditions with Dolores as a member. One to 8163m Manaslu in Autumn 2018 and one in Spring 2019 to the North Side of Everest 8848m. Dolores is a strong individual, but proved to stand her ground in a team also. During her Manaslu expedition she developed from a climber to an high altitude climber, dealing with all the extreme situations an 8000m peak can bring. She is a physically and mentally strong and it didn’t surprise me that she summited Everest the following year. As a leader I am happy to accept her in any of my future teams again.

Arnold Coster, Co-founder, Arnold Coster Exhibitions

Dolores Shelleh has pushed the boundaries and broken all stereotypical notions with her quest for adventure. Focused on promoting environmental sustainability through her feats, she also symbolises the wave of Arab women empowerment that is transforming our region. Now, by scaling the top of the world, Mt. Everest, and that too from the challenging Northern Col, she has proved to the world that with determination we can overcome any challenge, including the impact of climate change. Through our support to her, we are further underlining our commitment to promoting women and youth empowerment as well as women education and rights while highlighting the message of sustainable communities.”

Fares Abu Baker, CEO, Diamond Developers

Zahvaljujući tebi, srpska zastava se ponovo zavijorila na 'krovu sveta'. Ti si jedan od primera da za hrabre, odvažne i uporne mlade ljude sa sportskom energijom i duhom ništa nije nemoguće. Svaka čast na ovom velikom podvigu, želim ti još mnogo planinarskih i, naravno, životnih uspeha i radosti - rekao je tom prilikom Udovičić.

Vanja Udovocic, Minister of Youth and Sports of Serbia, Ministry of Youth and Sports

Minister Dacic said that he was very pleased to meet with Ms. Dolores Al Shelleh, congratulating her on the incredible success achieved and wishing her the best of luck in further climbing feats.

Ivica Dacic, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia